Linus the Croc

Educators and Therapists

Effective with children with and without special needs

Linus is a complete program that is:

  • Developmentally sequenced
  • Highly motivating
  • Suitable for working 1:1, small groups, or full classroom
  • Easily generalized to other projects


Created by a pediatric occupational therapist, Linus was born out of a need for a program that would work for a wide variety of children. Used in a variety of classrooms across the nation, the Linus program uses key strategies that address scissor orientation, motivation, and developmental sequence.

Linus is an excellent program for 1:1 or small groups, including ‘station’ rotations; and, for students without special needs, Linus is conducive to large groups as well.


It was often difficult to help children find motivation and purpose with available online printable pages, and many cutting skills workbooks were beautifully done but had too many distractions for children with special needs.

Linus was developed with a wide range of children’s needs in mind and has been especially popular with therapists who work with children with autism. Effective in clinic and classroom settings, preliminary research supports Linus as an excellent choice for learning this important fine-motor skill.

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What educators are saying...

"My student (who is very skilled) designed an individual work sample on cutting for a young boy with Down syndrome. At first she was having difficulty finding where to start. I brought in your book and she incorporated it into the lesson plan and he loved it! It gave him focus and was instantly appealing. His progress was amazing and he met the goals and objectives that she had designed for this 10 week instruction..."

E. Michelle (Mickey) Pardew, Ph.D.

Special Educator & EI/ECSE Programs

Western Oregon University

"We just bought one of your books for each of our preschool sites. They are the best! I love that they focus on key skills and are at the same time so much fun for the children..."

Georgia L., Director

Early Childhood Education

"You need to send an advertisement to every special ed teacher--it’s by far the best product I’ve ever seen! And I have a student who is obsessed with crocodiles--so perfect!"

Jennifer Rowan, Special Education Teacher

Specialized Autism Classroom

"I purchased a couple of copies of “Linus: The Line Eating Croc!” o use with some of my students, and I love it! And now all the other OTs are jealous. How do I get more?"

Lori B.,

School-based Occupational Therapist

"I must congratulate for this magnificent project. Children with poor cutting skills are literally rewarded with this book."

Nika T., Special Education Teacher


"I love your book!"

Linda York

Special Education Teacher