Linus the Croc

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Looking for the best scissor skills workbook for your child?

Part of every pre-school and kindergarten curriculum, learning to cut is an important developmental fine-motor skill.

Introduction of scissor skills begins as early as age 2 1/2 and is usually mastered by age 6.

Unlike most workbooks, Linus uses key strategies to help children learn this important skill:

Scissor orientation

Linus is a reminder to keep ‘thumb-side up’


Linus asks for help--he’s hungry!

Developmentally sequenced

47 pages feed Linus--what’s more fun than feeding a hungry crocodile?!

What parents are saying...

"My daughter thinks of Linus as her pet!"


Parent of 3 year-old

"I love it! Owen wanted to do the whole book in one sitting!"


Parent of 3 year-old

"My boys love it--they always look forward to feeding Linus"


Parent of 5 & 3 year-olds

"My daughter’s daycare provider said she couldn’t believe how well Katie can cut for her age; she said Katie is cutting as well as some of the kids she has who are in kindergarten"


Parent of 3 year-old

"I’ve started giving your books as shower gifts"


Pediatric Occupational Therapist

"My son has Down Syndrome and this was the first time he’s ever shown an interest--thank you!!"


Parent of 7 year-old